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When you get a speeding ticket or if police stop you for any moving violations, the consequences can be much worse than just paying fine.

When you pay for a speeding ticket, or any other moving violation, you are actually pleading guilty and accepting your conviction.  This becomes part of your driving record and it can cost you big time in the long run.

If you get additional violations in the future, a conviction can result in your losing your license and it can also increase the price of your insurance.

Insurance companies keep track of their policyholders driving records.  The insurance companies have figured out that drivers that get one ticket are more likely to get others. It may not be fair but even a single conviction can result your rates being raised.

That’s why it can save you money and aggravation to let an experienced traffic violations lawyer handle your case.

An experienced lawyer knows the traffic laws and knows how to fight your ticket.  Instead of just paying your ticket and accepting a conviction, your lawyer can fight to either get the ticket overturned or have the fine amount reduced.

If you have a ticket for violating a traffic law, don’t just pay your fine, call the Anastasio Law Firm.

When we get your call we will investigate the circumstances of the traffic stop, we will look at the police behavior and advise you on the options you have for finding an alternative to paying the fine and suffering with a conviction on your traffic record.

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